Toby Quirk is a West Point Graduate, an Airborne Ranger and Green Beret who has served in the Infantry for twenty-three years. Toby’s service in God’s Army began in 1977 when he opened his heart to the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. His journey is a compelling merger of military values and Christian virtues. After retirement he became an ordained minister, planted a new church in western Massachusetts and later took another church as senior pastor.
Today, Toby is a leadership coach with Clearpoint Coaching, a Fire Chaplain with the Massachusetts Corps of Fire Chaplains, and a speaker and seminar leader with A Chosen Generation. He has authored a memoir-devotional book titled “A Squirrel In A Bottle” and will soon be publishing his first novel.
Toby’s message dramatically demonstrates how the Lord has used the discipline of West Point, the rigorous of Ranger training and the demands of Special Operations to inspire the spiritual walk of a Christian disciple.


Toby's Works

Clancy Flash Fiction

In Progress

A Supernatural Thriller

A Squirrel in a Bottle

Dancing up a Storm