Here’s the thing: I have a manuscript for a novel titled TASK FORCE SABER.  it’s a supernatural thriller that pits a small group of Christian mystics against a national network of billionaires in a battle for America’s soul. I’m shooting for a large, reputable publishing house. So that means I need a literary agent. I just got a rejection letter from a well-known agent, Steve Laube. I sent him my query on 1 July after meeting him at Blue Ridge Christian Writer’s Conference in May. Took him 4 months to get to my manuscript.


I have been steeling myself against any negative emotions regarding rejections. I’ve gotten several rejection letters from magazines, and I consider them to be layers of experience I must put on as a rookie writer.

So now I have written a query email to the Seymour agency, agent Julie Gwinn.

We’ll see where this takes us.