“We give thanks,” they say in church. “The pilgrims and their Wampanoag image00066_482hosts ‘gave thanks’ as they celebrated their first successful harvest in 1621.

Ever since I learned how to diagram sentences in 6th grade English class, I became quite the grammar nerd, always investigating the meaning of sentences beyond the emotional impact they sometimes express.

So … what does “THANKSGIVING” really mean? When I diagram the sentence: “We give thanks.” the subject, a plural pronoun, “we”, the predicate, the verb “give”, and the object of the predicate, “thanks”.images My first question is, what exactly is this “thanks” we are giving away? The best I can do is some kind of general feeling of gratitude for something to no-one in particular. And I suppose it was probably a good idea, when they created a name for a national holiday to make the name kind of meaningless, so everyone could inject their personal meaning into it. So be it.

BUT … if you really want to spend a minute or so to ponder your own personal meaning of this wonderful, very American holiday, stay tuned to my next three blogs. And I’d love to hear your input. Just post a comment below.

Oh, and I thank you. (Diagram that.)