A Declaration Written In Blood

Thomas Jefferson presents his draft of the DECLARATION OF AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE FROM GREAT BRITAIN to the 2nd Continental Congress, June 28, 1776. The other 4 members of the committee are pictured with him: Benjamin Franklin seated, John Adams (Massachusetts) in black...

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Is There Discipline In Your Discipleship?

Is There Discipline In Your Discipleship? I was twenty-eight years old when I made the decision to open my life to the power of Jesus Christ, a decision that set me on an adventurous new path, totally different than my original plans, and remarkably fulfilling for...

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A New View of Easter

A New View of Easter by Pastor Toby Quirk, New Boston Congregational Church In the year of our Lord 2017, Easter Sunday will fall on April 16th. In New Boston everyone is welcomed to celebrate Easter at 10:00 at the historic Congregational Church (the little brown...

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Jesus on Hacksaw Ridge

Jesus on Hacksaw Ridge: Veterans Day Sermon Preached at New Boston Congregational Church on Nov. 6, 2016 and New Hope Church, AG, Southwick, MA. on Nov 13, 2016 Audio Sermon (Edited)             Our scripture for today’s message comes from the Gospel of Luke, chapter...

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Who’s Responsible For This?

We have to ask, “Are these people America’s finest leaders?” “In a development not seen in any modern presidential contest, more than half of all voters hold unfavorable views of the two major party candidates and large majorities say neither is honest and...

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